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One of my friend da pun ke France after Raya haji bru ni and will be serving UTP as a lecturer early this year.. (clap2)..she’s staying in my house for a week and regards of that, I just tot of she is my big sis as I don’t hve any (housemate kire sis jgk :P) we are closed enuf I think..(thanx kak!)

Despite of that, we kept story-mory about life, gossiping xoxo and bla bla bla 3x and of of the current topic yang kitorg smpt story-mory is about kegilaan aku about bags! True! I’m addicted to bag! Org y rapat dgn aku sure sedar y ak sgt2 gilakn bag! Hahaha..so I’m thinking of WHAT IF I’m Donald trump daughter..

I wish..

and I wish…


I’m still my fav daughter of my papa (alahai..miss u la papa.. :( ) haha.. what I meant is kalau la papa aku kaya cm Donald trump.. I don’t have to write a wish list just like I’m thinking to do so rite now.. hahaha..

So di kala2 bosan + ujan y sgt lebat kt luar tu.. mata makin berat..badan makin “ringan” haha.. I’m writing a “wish list” haha.. moga2 papa aku bacer la blog ni ha.. hahaa..

1. Roxy Oasis Wallet (this can cost me up to Euro 28)

2. Roxy Playtime Hoodie (cost: Euro 36)

3. Roxy Andalaz Backpack (cost : Euro 46)

4. Lollipop’s bag (cost : Euro 66)

5. Guess’ Gold Watch (cost : MYR 570)

6. Levis’ Denim Jacket (cost : MYR 350)

7. Guess’ Bag ( cost : MYR 499)

8. DSLR – what ever brand la sbb ak ni x tau sgt teknikal2 ni (cost : MYR 2000++)

9. Pink VaiO Notebook (cost : MYR 4000++)

10. HP either iPhone 3gs, N97 or nokia 5800 (cost : kalau iPhone tu bole jd smpai MYR3000)

11. .. so many things that I wish to buy and to do..sumthing2 like travel to paris ke, Italy ke, Mauritius ke, venice suda da ari tu time ke Melaka..lol~..buat haji..and so many more.. bla3x

So nk melaksanakn impian aku ni, I donno how much money shud I spent! Lol! Jamu mate je la nmpknye~ haha.. :D

But then, I did realized brg2 tu xleh bwk ke mane2 pn..

what I just need is my happy family..and aku doa sgt2 moga Allah merahmati kami sekeluarga..

and not to forget.. I need friends that I can depend on.. Friends that I can lean on when I feeling down.. friend that I can trust whenever I hve been stabbed on..

and special thanx to papa, ibu, taufiq, husna, uwan, atok, uncles, aunties, cousins, my super-duper-great friends – sheema, una, zima and all my sisters! U guys are great!!Totally!

I tot my wish has been granted already…

Syukur Ya Allah!

Hati kecil : thus, for my coming birthday, you guys bole la pick any one of my wish list td ek as a GIFT :D haha..

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